Jason King Delf copy 2007
Country where the boat is: AU
Usual Sailnumber: AUS727
Available in: Melbourne or Brisbane AUSTRALIA
Possible transport to: can be picked up in Melbourne Australia or delivered to Worlds 2024 Brisbane Australia
Description: Jason King Delf copy built for Andre Blasse in 2007. Fully raced every weekend and maintained in top condition. Available with a Ctech HM mk2 mast FA 61 83 65 and 443 SW 43 65 58 and 211. Currently running a two sail program Dan Bush ( NZ north) and Turtle, the Dan Bush would be good for the warm up regatta, but to be be seriously on the pace you would require a newbie for the worlds.
The boat is going into the day spa for some serious TLC and will only be used for training until the new boat arrives later in 2023. It can be delivered to Brisbane or picked up in Black Rock, Melbourne.
Owner: Donald Williams


Dave Boure 2019
Country where the boat is: GB
Usual Sailnumber: GBR2222
Available in: UK
Possible transport to: UK Worlds
Description: Neo (GBR 2222) was built from a Dave Rose mould and is very similar to the original Synergy shape. She was built by Dave Bourne (from whom I bought the boat) who tweaked the bow and made the panels a little flatter to promote earlier planing. Built from ply, foam, ply sandwich which is ridiculously stiff. Dave took a mould from it and he, Jim Hunt and Andy Rushworth all have hulls from the mould.

Ceilidh carbon mast (bend numbers below), a couple of sails, over and under covers, mast bag, fixed rudder, rudder bag, trolley, trailer etc, etc.

Mast bend numbers are:

Fore-aft 0 35 65 79 85 81 67 37 0 tip 502 Sideways 0 20 38 52 61 63 57 38 0 tip 226

It’s a complete set up and she’s a lovely boat.
Owner: Jack Norton



Ovington 2018
Country where the boat is: GB
Usual Sailnumber: GBR2207
Available in: United Kingdom
Possible transport to: Delivery to Worlds Venue on Thursday 22nd June and insurance included.
Description: Ovington Hull and foils. Harken fittings.
C-Teck mast. Integral track .Medium bend numbers. Suit 85-90 kilo helm.
Two sails HD 2017 but little used. 2022 North Flatter Cut . As now unused.


Ovington 2021
Country where the boat is: GB
Usual Sailnumber: 2254
Available in: UK
Possible transport to: Probably
Description: Celdidh rig, suit 85-90kg, HD sail with seasons use, choice of fuller or flatter
Owner: Nick Craig


Idol composites 2010
Country where the boat is: GB
Usual Sailnumber: 2137
Available in: UK
Possible transport to: Could arrange transport to Lyme Regis
Description: C-tec mast, pretty soft, suit a lightweight helm. HD sail, new May 2022. GRP Hull and deck, epoxy foam sandwich with gel coat finish. Hull is in good condition some cosmetic damage around the gunwhale.
Good condition laminated rudder blade. Board reasonable condition from Synergy marine.
Tactic compass/countdown timer
Owner: Simon Shaw


Karsten Kraus, Germany 2017
Country where the boat is: DE
Usual Sailnumber: 801
Available in: direct in Marstran
Possible transport to: yes, I have a double trailer
Description: Mast from Ceilidt
Mast Number 14961
More or less 95 Kg
a new Green Sail with three Races

Owner: Peter Langer-Langmaack