OK Dinghy Class launches online platform for charter boats

One of the great aspects of sailing an International class such as the OK Dinghy is the international competition and travelling to events to meet sailors from across the world. The last two years has been hard with very few events able to be held, but as the schedule starts to return to normal following the pandemic, sailors are finding additional problems sending their boats overseas due to the vastly increased cost of shipping boats around the world, as well as increased logistics bureaucracy, complexity and unforeseen delays.

The OK Dinghy International Association (OKDIA) has accepted that this problem is likely to persist for 3-4 years, so has been investigating ways to provide boats at events for those wishing to travel. While some classes have long standing charter options, for the OK Dinghy this has not been the case, with charter boats supplied on an ad hoc and private basis.

It has been acknowledged that for the next few years International OK Dinghy events will largely rely on charter boats for sailors from other continents, so OKDIA is seeking to try and redress the balance by launching a new platform to put those wishing to charter in touch with those wanting to charter their own boats. This is believed to be the key to providing inclusive events in the short term and the success of events may be largely dependent on how many charter boats are available.

This new platform can be found here: http://events.okdinghy.org/charter-boats

2019 OK Dinghy European Championship – Kiel, Germany

Encouragement to members to charter out their boat if it is not being used
At present it is fairly basic, but will be developed as it is used and its needs are better understood. The platform allows owners and sailors to register interest and see what is available. Currently the platform covers events up to 2024.

From the page above users can select either


Under each option there is a list of expressed interests.A list of charter boats available
A list of those looking to find a charter boat for a specific event
It is hoped that with enough exposure that members will be encouraged to charter out their own boat, or a second boat, if it is not being used.

Any financial arrangements and insurance remain solely between the owner and charterer, but the following pricing structure is suggested:

• Championship winner – Up to date with latest development €1000-€1500
• Top half finisher – Good condition and ready to race €500-€1000
• Mid fleet finisher – A good contender under €500

These price bands do not necessarily have to include extra costs such as insurance and delivery.

The platform is now live. The hope is that this will both make it easier for everyone to connect and also encourage those who haven’t thought about it before to charter their boat to help boost attendance at international events.

More at: http://events.okdinghy.org/charter-boats