In accordance with the Equipment Regulations for the event, all competitors must register the equipment that they intend to use before 1800 AEST on Wednesday 21 February.

Equipment Regulations are HERE.

Please complete as much as you can. Any missing information can be completed at registration.

Only limited equipment shall be used during the Event.

If you cannot access the online form below, please email the following information, and a copy of the measurement certificate to

  1. Name of competitor
  2. Country code and sail number
  3. PSN (if using one)
  4. ISAF/WS Plaque number
  5. Builder of hull
  6. Design of hull
  7. Year of construction
  8. Materials (GRP Sandwich/wood/Composite)
  9. Weight of correctors
  10. Mast manufacturer and OKDIA mast label number
  11. Boom manufacturer
  12. Sail 1. Manufacturer and OKDIA sail label number
  13. Sail 2. Manufacturer and OKDIA sail label number
  14. Centerboard manufacturer
  15. Rudder manufacturer

By submitting this information, you are declaring that the equipment described above conforms to the OK Dinghy Class Rules and that in accordance with RRS 78 it has  valid certification.

The online form can be found here: