Dave Boure 2019
Country where the boat is: GB
Usual Sailnumber: GBR2222
Available in: UK
Possible transport to: UK Worlds
Description: Neo (GBR 2222) was built from a Dave Rose mould and is very similar to the original Synergy shape. She was built by Dave Bourne (from whom I bought the boat) who tweaked the bow and made the panels a little flatter to promote earlier planing. Built from ply, foam, ply sandwich which is ridiculously stiff. Dave took a mould from it and he, Jim Hunt and Andy Rushworth all have hulls from the mould.

Ceilidh carbon mast (bend numbers below), a couple of sails, over and under covers, mast bag, fixed rudder, rudder bag, trolley, trailer etc, etc.

Mast bend numbers are:

Fore-aft 0 35 65 79 85 81 67 37 0 tip 502 Sideways 0 20 38 52 61 63 57 38 0 tip 226

It’s a complete set up and she’s a lovely boat.
Owner: Jack Norton